Champion Bethlehem Surface Mix Bench Burner


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The newest low-pressure torch to hit the market, the Champion Glass Working Torch. The Champion is their most technologically advanced, versatile burner to date, and is a new, improved stainless steel alternative to our fan- favored PM2D. Newly engineered for a low-pressure, high heat performance, the Champion has the most efficient large flame on the market today.


  • Burner configuration: Center fire – 6 jets Outer fire – 30 jets
  • Face dia. – 1 1/8″ (28.575 mm)
  • Full flame consumption: Gas: 5 psi; 24.96 cu. ft./h (706.8 l/hr.)
  • Oxygen: 20 psi; 88.13 cu. ft./hr. (2496 l/hr.)
  • Works: Rod – 44 mm AND Tube – 80 mm
  • Dimensions: 6 7/8″ long with a 8″ base Net Weight: 8 3/4
  • Torch Cleaning Kit (Included with Burner) Kit includes a wooden dowel striker, two wires for gas ports cleaning, a wire brush and instructions

RECOMMENDED OPERATING PRESSURES: 5 psi of Gas and 20 psi of Oxygen


SKU: 25-0022



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