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      Our latest affiliate organization was created by the founders of Monumental Enterprises called Bunny’s Flowers In 2019. Bunny’s flowers is a non-profit organization registered in the state of Pennsylvania with a mission of environmental education with a focus on healthy eating and gardening for children. Monumental Enterprises and our other sponsors and affiliates have created a beautiful garden and educational curriculum to keep up on our legacy of charitable works. Please go to for more information.

      Monumental Music Mentor-Ship Initiative began when a handful of people came together to share their dreams and aspirations in life with others, after seeing a great need for a different type of learning experience in the modern world we live in today.

Our youth mentorship program in Bucks County, PA where we use writing skills and music production as a tool to teach at risk youth. A variety of our teachers are currently teaching at the Barn Nature center working with the Kids First program in a collaboration project with Youth Services Agency where we are using studio productions and live music to promote our cause. We have received various donations from friends and other organization to utilize with our students as part of our program. We believe these collaborations will be the perfect addition to our program in building self esteem and creating a positive vibe for these kids, as there are many things in this world that can so easily lead them away from good music. We want to ensure that our students are led down the right path in a constructive and positive way. We have raised over $20,000 over the years for one of our partner organizations, Miracle Corners of The World (, by donating artwork to their annual silent auction. We also have received support from Miracle Corners of The World (MCW) in in the past for our partnership program in Philadelphia called Broad Street Beats. During this program, we built an educational program based on music and the outdoors. We produced public service announcements as part of the anti-crime and ant-drug movement in Philadelphia. We also made songs, videos, and various other productions, such as a fashion show, a community fundraiser carwash, and assembled group protests to address problems in the community, face to face. The youth from the inner city doesn’t get as much of a chance to get out of the city and enjoy nature, such as The State Park system of Bucks County, PA. We are currently working with The State Parks system of Bucks County to initiate various programs, such as a community trash clean up as well as other events we are planning for the future. Another one of our past collaborative projects was with Youth Services Agency (, where we brought groups of our students from Broad Street Beats to Bucks county and with the help of Youth Services Agency (YSA) we utilized there adventure center and rock climbing gym as well various other facilities and resources to provide a successful and enlightening experience for the students and teachers of our Philadelphia program. Our curriculum ranged from music teaching, environmental ethics, business skills, and much more. We have also received sponsorship for some of our other educational programming for our art therapy initiative from Wale Apparatus(, Bethlehem Burners ( as well as other supporters both personal and business related.

Our Story

In Tune With Nature

The healing power of nature is a valuable tool when opening the gates of learning through any type of mentorship. The outdoor environment can be used to teach technical and survival skills, all while opening a dialogue with our students to teach them about anything from any subject matter. Nature is a classroom in itself, we come from nature and we go to it to absorb the many lessons that our environment has to teach us.

Time To Hit The Road

The key to reaching a destination in life is the ability to get where you are going in a stress free environment. Many of our students need to experience life in a new way by traveling to a different location to have a learning experience that is different than what they are used to. This not only fosters a send of motivation to learn, but also provides a different way of learning that can inspire a student to be open to learning new things that are out of their comfort zone. This is the importance of travel.

Raising The Bar Of Excellence

The various parts of our curriculum all lead to an apex of reaching the heart and mind of our students where they can then become creative in the way that they want to. WE encourage our students to write about topics that are important issues in there local community and on a greater scale as far as problems that the world faces. Our intentions is not only to teach them how find these hidden talents inside themselves, but to show them how to be leaders in their community and share their story with the world.

The Heart Of The Outdoors

The core foundation of our educational program is music, but the music is the base to opening the doors to our many other methods of teaching leadership skills. We plan on showing our clients how to navigate through life by teaching them how to navigate in a wilderness setting. The skills we teach will show them how to navigate through life by problem solving with minimal stress, and to use good decision making skills.

Studio Productions

We use our studio as a classroom. Our students begin by writing in some form that fits the needs of the student and the goals that are set by our instructors. We then use that writing to customize the educational experience that best suits the student. We use art, music, video, and the performing arts as our method of teaching a diverse curriculum that is literally built for anyone based upon their needs. WE provide, YOU create.

Tag... You're IT!

The heart of our cause is to provide guidance to our students. In life there are people that will lead you down the wrong path and people that will lead you down the right path. This is true for all ages and all walks of life! We are here to show the world how to protect yourself and your loved ones from going down the wrong path. This is a skill that we all can learn from, in fact our teachers continue to learn every day. A wise man once said “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” – Benjamin Franklin

Learning Business Skills From The Start

Leadership and Entrepreneurship go hand in hand in today’s world, we teach our students about business as a survival skill


Sponsors & Partners

We are thankful for our partnership with the House of Triumph outreach in Philadelphia, PA, truly changing lives in their community every day. Stephen Thompson and his wife Jenelle Thompson are actively making a difference where it is needed the most through mentorship and music. Check out for more info…

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