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Monumental Decks and Docks – We specialize in using post consumer recycled plastic lumber and/or wood decking for your most challenging home and waterfront construction jobs. We offer a custom design and build service of the highest quality of craftsmanship… no job to is too big for our team of seasoned professionals. Our main offices are based in Doylestown, Pa, between New York City and Philadelphia , PA. We also have offices in Manhattan, NYC. We service locally and in surrounding states and we ship our prefabricated decks and docks nationally and overseas as well. Please contact us by filling out the quote request form or email form below, or simply give us a call.

We specialize in our Forever Dock builds that use post consumer recycled plastic lumber for our specific client base that are typically used for water bound structures, but we have many satisfied customers using this material for home builds as well. We also have built countless projects with everything from standard lumber to the most exotic hardwoods, and everything in between. We have six general categories for our deck and dock builds:

Standard Lumber

Standard Lumber frame with Plastic Lumber Decking and/or Railing

Plastic Lumber – Complete Builds

Plastic Lumber with High End Lumber

Complete High End Lumber Builds

You can’t go wrong with a deck made of hardwood form many reasons. Tropical hardwoods  such as Cumaru, Ipe, Garapa (Brazilian Ash), or Teak are commonly used in our projects. We also use  Redwood, Cypress, White Oak, Mahogany, pressure treated Pine, Cedar, and many more. Please feel free to ask us what product best suits your needs.

Monumental Environmental is here to support the ever growing need for global environmental preservation and more healthy lifestyle products that our planet desperately needs. Our recycled plastic lumber is an incredible product for builders and buyers across many different industries. Our product is designed to last over 400 years and is good for both residential and commercial applications. Plastic lumber is used in many situations that allow the customer a material that has benefits that normal building materials, such as wood, do not have. So not only you can use a product that reduces the amount of plastic waste, but you can also GO GREEN and have a better and longer lasting material. Each board foot of recycled plastic lumber eliminates 20, one gallon milk jugs from the dump, waste stream, and the ocean. Its great for building docks and marinas and other oceanic and water bound structures, as well as decking and even in your home or commercial building. We offer a full design and build service, as well as an installation team available depending on the project location. Please click on the quote request button below to tell us are about your project needs.

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Monumental Lumber – Introducing The Forever Dock® Made With Post Consumer Plastic Wood Materials

Finally, A Dock Worthy Of Your Boat Crafted from Plastic Lumber, your Forever Dock® plastic lumber dock will last a life time. No more splinters, unsightly warps, splits, cracks, rot, or CCA (chlorinated copper arsinate) leaching into your water. And, perhaps best of all, no more maintaining and replacing rotted or splintered wooden boards. With a lifetime limited warranty on the plastic lumber, you’ll have peace of mind and more time to enjoy boating and other waterside activities.

Classic Permanent Colors Your boat has style and color. So should your dock. After just a few short seasons, unstained or unpainted wood docks often look unsightly. Preserving the new look of wood requires frequent, costly maintenance and eventually, replacement. Your Forever Dock® plastic dock will be built in the colors of your choice to complement your home, marina, or boat. Select from a wide range of natural wood tones, earth tones or the look of freshly painted color. The colors are permanent and run throughout the lumber. Although the materials cost more then CCA lumber, installation costs are the same. However, your Forever Dock® plastic dock is a one time installation that will look as good five, ten, thirty and fifty years from now as it does today – with no further costs.

Great For Docks, Piers, Decks, Boardwalks, and Bulkheads! Around your hot tub or pool, lake side, on the bay, or ocean front, you’ll never have to worry about the effects of water or moisture. Monumental Plastic Lumber is impervious to marine borer worms, insects, water, and chemicals. It is a solid, non-porous, non-leaching, permanently colored building product that is an environmentally friendly product!

Why use Plastic Lumber for your project? More…

Easy Installation For Do-It-Yourselfers Or The Dock Builder Of Your Choice.Working with Monumental Plastic Lumber is easy and requires only standard wood working tools and fasteners. Docks can be shipped complete or in kit form with plastic lumber, Hi Strength Steel Plate-ASTM-123 Hot Dip Galvanized Hardware and Fasteners, Galvanized Cleats, and Polyethylene Shell Foam filled Floats.

Our Patented Wave Break System has been Approved by The Army Core of Engineers and The US Department of The Interior. Please contact us for more in on this product…

Smithville Historical Park

Burlington County Parks and Recreation Dept. Mt. Holly, NJ.

This project is floating across the lake at Smithville Historical Park, an elevated boardwalk with a viewing platform made from 100% recycled plastic lumber.  The advantage of our modular boardwalk system is very evident on a public prevailing wage project when we deliver the 20′ modules completely assembled, ready to install.

To discuss your plastic wood and/or wood project with our engineering staff or to request a project quote complete our Quote Request.

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Our Team

Anthony Caulfield 

Chief Engineer 

Monumental Builders

Anthony has a treasure trove of knowledge in his respective field, mainly from his more than 50 years of corporate experience after graduating for Columbia Universities engineering program in New York, New York. Engineering might be the fuel that moves the mechanics behind his many years of success, but it’s his diversity in skills and in life  that his engineering master level has gained him a legacy in all his endeavors.

     As a master diver, and the lead man on everything from skyscraper builds to your back yard decks and docks, there is no job too big or to small that Tony doesn’t have in his portfolio. 

     As the chief engineer of Monumental Builders, Anthony is in charge of everything. He’s our most valuable asset and still remains the lead man not only based on his level of integrity as a business man, but still dives into the hands on work on the daily operations. We operate as a team as any good contracting company does, but everything depends on the engineer’s approval, and anyone in the industry knows the value of a chief engineer.

Brandon Grossinger

CEO/Project Manager

Monumental Builders

Brandon is a craftsman and is highly skilled in all the operations necessary to make sure a project comes together from start to finish; always leaving the customer satisfied. His commitment to excellence shows in the fine details of his work and in the countless reviews left by satisfied clientele.

    Starting out as a laborer and a glass maker 22 years ago, Brandon started his first handyman company at the age of 18. With 20 years of experience in Almost all aspect of construction, to this day he always finds a way to masterfully pull projects together even when faced with the most absolute set of difficult circumstances. 

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