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-Empress Louet May Hall-Aidara

By November 17, 2018

“I would Like to take the time to say thank you for all the good you do for me and my music and my brand, UnityPush. I truly appreciate you taking the time to assist me and my brand in making music productions and consulting me over the phone and in person. When I was so desperately needing to create and release my unborn music ”AhLittleWayDifferent”, you were there to help. Also, helping to bring my music vision to life, time and time again with the cover editing and assisting in the design process of “Fiyah Bun” and “NotEasyJah Feat: Gregory Isaacs”. Revising my motto “LionArt” for RastaReality International, those are just a few in the many times you have assisted me. You continue to encourage, assist and grow with me as a colleague, fellow artist, engineer, etc, and have become one of my best friends for life. I Just want u to know that I recognize respect & am very grateful for your 10+ years of services and friendship. I wish you all the good that our “Universe My University’ have to offer. Much Honor to you and Monumental Music Group. With gratitude and love, best wishes, Monumental Music Group continued success with all your endeavors.”

Monumental Team

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